Is Your Phone a Pain in Your Neck?

What are you doing right now? If you’re reading this using your phone, laptop or tablet, chances are you’re hunched over with your head tilted down. Being hunched over our phones is slowly damaging our necks and spines, with the rise of a condition called ‘text neck’ or ‘Facebook neck’.

The condition is caused when we sit with our heads dropped forward looking at our devices.

This unnatural posture, a bent neck for prolonged periods of time, can lead to:

  • tightness or stiffness across the shoulder
  • soreness in the neck
  • chronic headaches
  • muscular weakness: shoulders muscles namely, trapezius, rhomboids and shoulder external rotators are often weak
  • radiating pain – dull aching or sharp stabbing pains

Ditching our devices isn’t an option but what we can do is make sure we exercise right and practice good habits to prevent the aches and pains associated with ‘text neck’.

A lot of times we are not even conscious of the fact of our posture, and over time slouching can lead to sever pain. Strengthening and stretching your muscles may help relief some of that nagging neck pain.

Below is some recommended equipment-free stretches and exercises from our in-resort therapists, which we can apply in our daily routine:

  • Sit up straight / sit tall
  • Adjust the height of your computer monitors or position your device to your eye level so that it reduces stresses both on the head/neck and the upper extremities
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Avoid high repetitions of movements such as prolonged typing or swiping
  • Avoid holding large or heavy devices in one hand for long duration

If you don’t find relief in the above methods, don’t wait until the pain or discomfort has become a companion, find a qualified therapist at Meru Renew Physical Therapy to feel the difference.

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