Physical therapy can be a key factor in recovery following breast cancer

*** In conjunction with breast cancer awareness month, Meru Renew is raising awareness about early detection***

Breast cancer patients and survivors can become stronger and healthier with physical therapy. Getting access to a physical therapist can help combat some of the side effects of cancer treatment, crucial in the recovery process and returning back to daily activities.

Meru Renew’s Senior Physical Therapist Puan Sarimah, said people who’ve had breast cancer surgery can suffer with restricted mobility, she said: “Breast cancer treatment can involve surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, which may result in exhaustion, feeling weaker than normal and an increased level of pain.

“Many don’t realise the benefits of coming for physio, which can be before or after surgery. For patients going in for a surgery, we teach them about breathing exercises that will be a great help to prevent lungs collapsing  after surgery, she explained.

She added: “After surgery we teach ‘splinting’ technique during breathing to reduce surgery pain. Importantly we get patients to restricted mobility.”

Physical Therapy for breast cancer can help patients to improve blood flow to legs and upper extremities, strengthen muscles, improve balance, and lower risk of fallen or broken bones, lessen nausea and tiredness and lower the risk of being anxious or depressed.

If you or a loved one has breast cancer or is a cancer survivor,  make physical therapy part of your breast cancer rehab and don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Contact our physical therapists at Meru Renew Physical Therapy (05 529 3359) or visit to schedule an appointment.